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Three Words to Leave Behind

We're already halfway through the first month of 2022! Now is an opportunity for a fresh start and to leave 2021 and its chaos behind.

Let's focus on the power of language because it is just that - powerful! Language can either help you achieve your goals and be an indicator of your mind being in the right place, or it can be an indicator that you may need to go back and take a look at your goals again.

When we talk to others, we quickly get a sense of their confidence levels, how committed they are to their work, how excited they are about something, etc. And while we may not be able to pinpoint it all the time - the words they or we use can be an indicator of those things.

So what are three words that we can leave behind in 2022 (for our own good)?

#1: Should

You may have heard of the expression “Don’t should on yourself”. The word “should” implies that we really don’t want to do something, but that we have to do it anyway. When we use “should” in conjunction with our goals, then it’s an indicator that we either don’t really want to achieve this thing or that we’re lacking the confidence to see us succeeding at it. “Should” also indicates that there is some other person or entity telling us to do something and is overall very passive. Very few people actually follow through with something they “should” do.

Here are some alternatives: “must”, “get to”, and “will”.

#2: Interesting

It’s funny, but have you ever considered how little the word “interesting” actually describes? It’s extremely ambiguous. When you say “That’s interesting,” the person you’re talking to can’t tell what your true thoughts are. Do you find it appalling? Do you find it concerning? Do you find it motivating? But interesting? You can find something “interesting” and be negatively or positively inclined, and the other person will not be any smarter. So for the sake of good communication, leave “interesting” behind in 2021 - if people need anything right now, it’s to connect and using the word “interesting” won’t help you do that.

Alternatives: “surprising”, “disgusting”, “cute”, “inspiring”, etc.

#3: Want

Passive words are generally helpful to stay away from. One major one is “want”. You “want” to achieve a goal - that’s great! But if you “want” to, that doesn’t mean that you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. We all “want” many things but at the end of the day don’t do anything about them. So if it’s something that you are planning on following through, we suggest simply switching over to “will”. So instead of saying “I want to get healthy”, say “I will get healthy.”

The reason why our words are so powerful is that as much as they are indicative of where we are mentally, consciously switching our language from passive to active can also work in reverse. When we change how we use our language, we ultimately change how we think, and therefore how we act.

If in 2021 all you found homes that were “interesting” but not "inspiring," give us a call. We would love to help you make that picture on your dream board a reality in 2022!

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