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Your #1 Responsibility and Duty

Do you know what your #1 responsibility and duty is? It’s to be true to yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Before you roll your eyes and think “Duh!”, ask yourself honestly if you truly follow and believe that.

Unfortunately, many people believe that success is limited and not a necessity in life. Too often we make excuses about being successful or rather not achieving something. Think about it - has there ever been a time when you set a goal or told yourself you were going to do something, then experienced great challenges, and found yourself saying that you never truly wanted it anyway?

But was that truly the case?

Probably not.

It’s unfortunate how many people give up on their dreams simply because it’s harder than they initially imagined.

We each have our own set of dreams and aspirations. We all desire to own certain things, do certain activities, and accomplish certain milestones. By then saying we really never wanted those things, we essentially betray ourselves.

What can you do to avoid giving up on yourself in the first place?

Just assume that whatever you want to accomplish will take A TON of work…like ten times the work you truly think it’ll take. Put in 10X effort! Then you’re less likely to get discouraged because you’re emotionally and mentally prepared for the work that’s to come.

So what does this have to do with real estate?

If you find the real estate market especially challenging to navigate or simply have found yourself saying “Never mind, I never really wanted a house anyway,” we’d love to help you at Oakington Realty! We truly believe that everyone who desires to be a homeowner should be able to make that a reality, and we’d be honored to be a part of that journey, give you a pep talk when it gets challenging, and prepare you in the best way possible.

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